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Individually handcrafted luxury scents

Excellent for gifts for all events including birthdays and Mother's Day.

About Us

Cleo's Candles is a mum-and-daughter start up. The concept to create Cleo's Candles began with Cleo making candles as a nice present for Cleo's school teachers at the end of 2022. Candles with unique scents - such as Chanel Type No. 5, Coconut and Lime and Champagne and Strawberries - were made as Christmas gifts for teachers, friends and family and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Hence, the plan arose to create a viable home business making exquisite candles that are individually handcrafted in luxury scents. When you buy a candle from Cleo's Candles you are helping a young 9-year-old girl fulfil her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. All the marketing and labelling is designed by Cleo.

Cleo's Candles is also a social enterprise. In 2023, Cleo ran a fundraiser at her school and donated $310 to charity.

It scent me into a state of euphoria

— Kyle

A scent for every state of mind

— Marie

The Summer Mango is lovely and has amazing scent throw

— Melinda

Cleo's Candles lights up my day

— Tiana

I bought a coconut and lime candle for my niece's birthday, and she loves the scent so much she is reticent to burn it because she wants it to last.

— Donna


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